Perpetual Inventory Vol.3
13 EUR

ISBN | 978-0-9931300-3-8 

About the book
Perpetual Inventory is a “third zone” for sculptors to present their practice. Acting as a work of proximity, a two dimensional space outside of the gallery, the magazine is exploring process in sculptural practice. PI archives the evolution of its contributors in documenting their research, sketches, studio records, text references, and personal writings. Edited as a group’s references, the magazine aims to imagine an idea of sculpture outside of the white cube.

Contributing artists
Claire Baily (UK), Laura Dee Milnes (UK), Luana Duvoisin Zanchi (SW), Sophia Freeman (UK), James Fuller (UK), Louise Hedegaard Madsen (DK), Adam Hines-Green (US/UK), Joshua Leon (UK), Gal Leshem (IS), Jennifer Pavlick (USA), Hannah Rowan (UK), Aimee Selby & Hoagy Dunnell (UK), Thomas van Linge (NL), Emily Woolley (UK), Camille Yvert (FR)

Perfect bound | Soft Cover.
112 pages | 14,8 x 21 cm.
Recycled paper 150gsm.
Published in 2017 | London.
Unique edition | 300 copies numbered.