Possibility Model

ISBN | 978-0-9931300-3-8

About the book

The Possibility Model takes its starting point from a moment of miscommunication. Using methods of negotiation borrowed from the language of instruction, self help strategies and institutional frameworks, both artists pull together culturally recognisable objects, images and motifs to suggest at the rendering of alternate narratives. The complexities of desire and disaffection merge, setting out new rhythms that look to the linguistic structures within pre-set and hermetic systems of organisation, to expose the inconsistencies within controlled environments.

Accompanying publication of the exhibition {Possibility Model} 
Robert Orr & Camille Yvert
Hockney Gallery, London
23.06.2017- 30.06.2017


Ella Lewis William
Robert Orr
Camille Yvert


Book | Binding screw
Soft Cover | Holographic coated paper 180gsm
88 pages | 14,8 x 21 cm
Recycled paper 150gsm | Silk coated paper 90gsm

Published in 2017 | London
First edition of 100 copies